…Immersing oneself in these etchings demands utmost alertness, openness, clarity.
A highly developed sensorium, which grasps the delicacy of nuances in the truest sense.
Karin Kutsch possesses this sensorium. Her senses have been heightened by her lifelong dealing with subtle differentiations. This small series of etchings is an invitation to partake in her joy of discovery….
2021: Etchings, Sabine Elsa Müller, art historian, M.A., Annual

….If it is the goal to bring to expression the intrinsic value and autonomy of colour and form as a phenomenon of a visual attraction in space with as little disruption as possible, concentration lies entirely on what is already in there. It is not necessary to have an overlying concept: rather, that would be a hindrance, like an excessively tight corset from which one is advised to free oneself. Instead of pursuing a certain intention, absence of intention is the goal, the retraction of personal expression, of one’s own pronouncement. Not wanting to say anything beyond the expression of colour.
To create a void, which is filled with colour….
2019: Sabine Elsa Müller, Pigmente I Pigments, catalog, puplished by Contemporary Art Association/ Ruhrgebiet e.V. Oberhausen

…This leads the monochrome surface to appear not as a termination or seal, but as something merged with the ground to which it is applied. This ground appears porous, seeping through the painted surface to seek contact with the surrounding space and the viewer. The visible material characteristics of the ground play an important role, a correspondence which is emphasised by the partially visible edges of the canvas and some unfinished parts of the coloured
2005: Dr. Adelheid Komenda, Speech on occasion of the exhibition painting Kunstraum 28130